World Horseshoeing Classic

3 days, 18 teams, 72 Farriers, One prize -- World Champions.

The World Championship Blacksmiths and Kentucky Horseshoeing School present an International Four Person Team Horseshoeing Competition. 3 Days, 16 Teams, 64 Farriers, One champion.


Each team of four competitors will shoe a single horse each of the three days. Each competitor will trim, make a shoe, nail and finish their corner of the horse.  The only thing a competitor is allowed to do to a shoe that is not theirs is to strike, brush and move the shoe in and out of the fire. A competitor is not allowed to make any kind of farrier act upon a shoe that is not theirs, besides the previously stated. Breaking or manipulating this rule will result in disqualification for the team. The time limit is two hours and thirty minutes for reach class and teams may use their time any way they choose with no time limits with hoof prep. Extra time will be given by judges discretion only. Each of the three judges will judge all aspects of judging on all competitors.

During their round, each team will be provided with the following:

  • 1 - Nature Farms Cobra II Shoeing Box
  • 1 - 200# Anvil Brand Anvil w/ 1" Hardy Hole
  • 1 - Vice
  • 1 - Hoof Stand
  • 1 - Water Bucket
  • 1 - Coke Fire
  • 2 - Tool Tables

No additional tables, boxes, buckets, or water containers will be allowed in the competition arena.

No  Sample Shoes, blanks, or templates will be allowed in the competition arena. 


Entries are limited to 18 teams.  As past champions have priority, with the remaining spots open to private or corporate sponsored entries.

Scoring: Each team is capable of earning 200 points

Hoof Prep - 10 available points per competitor

Shoe Making - 10 available points per competitor

Shoe Fit - 10 available points per competitor

Overall Fit- Finish - 10 points available per competitor



Official Coke of the World Horseshoeing Classic.