World Horseshoeing Classic

3 days, 18 teams, 72 Farriers, One prize -- World Champions.

The World Championship Blacksmiths and Kentucky Horseshoeing School present an International Four Person Team Horseshoeing Competition. 3 Days, 16 Teams, 64 Farriers, One champion.

Draft Shoes - Day 1

Draft shoeing day will consist of shoes that are 3/4 fullered with appropriate nails, turned up agricultural heels, and toe clip. Appropriate bar stock will be available and be part of the test.

 Hunter Shoes - Day 2


Hunter shoeing day will consist of shoes that are made out of 5/8” square stock that is to be swedged into a block and then fullered. The front shoes will be fullered heel to heel, toe clipped, appropriate nails, and hunter (sloping with the buttress) heels. The hind feet will be 3/4 fullered, quarter clipped, appropriate nails, a wedge on the medial side, and a caulkin on the lateral side.

Roadster Shoes - Day 3


The roadster shoeing day will consist of bevels on the fronts. The fronts will consist of having an appropriate bevel, plain stamped with appropriate nails, bob punched toe clip, appropriate stock. The hinds will be 3/4 fullered for appropriate nails, a toe clip, thickened toe, a wedge on the medial branch, a caulkin on the lateral branch, and appropriate stock.


Official Coke of the World Horseshoeing Classic.