World Horseshoeing Classic

3 days, 18 teams, 72 Farriers, One prize -- World Champions.

The World Championship Blacksmiths and Kentucky Horseshoeing School present an International Four Person Team Horseshoeing Competition. 3 Days, 16 Teams, 64 Farriers, One champion.

2018 Entry Frenzy!

It has been a whirlwind week or so at the World Horseshoeing Classic.  For the 2018 Competition, we decided to get a jump-start and open entries a bit early, thinking it would give teams time to plan and get sponsors.  What we didn’t expect was a fever-pitched rush from so many incredible teams!

We opened our entries with a simple FaceBook posting on Friday, July 14 around 4 pm.  By the following Monday, we had 24 team entries for only 15 spots.  While we are thrilled with the incredible enthusiasm, we were neither prepared, nor expecting that type of response.  After discussion with our group, we made a decision to extend the field to 18 teams for 2018.  We wish we could take every team, however, in order to host a contest that is equitable to all teams, we have to provide horses that are equitable. Because of that, we simply cannot go over 18 teams.  We are holding a “waiting list” for teams that missed the first 18 entries. We will notify you, on a first-come, first-served basis, the moment there is any change in entries. There is no guarantee.

It is clear, from this year’s response, that we are doing something right! Obviously, we will handle entries differently for 2019, and provide a time-frame for each team to have equal opportunity to enter in a timely fashion. Until then, we thank each of you, and hope you will join us in February, whether you are swinging a hammer, or just swigging a beer!

Thank you,

Sarah, Christine, Craig & Mitch


Official Coke of the World Horseshoeing Classic.